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Our Ticket Support System

Our ticket support system is simple to use and logs all queries to ensure that they are dealt with efficiently. Please click the link below.




Support & FAQ


To speak to customer support, please call our support helpline on (0845)680 0041.


Question One - My Password will not work

Please go to the login page and click on the link where it says "If you have forgotten your password......." and request a new one. It will be emailed to you immediately.

Question Two - I have lost my username

Please contact your global administrator at your head office.

Question Three - Can I run Inductus from any PC?

You can run Inductus from any PC anywhere in the world operating on a Microsoft Windows system, provided it has been configured to run Inductus and the Opus Plexus plug-in is installed. You can download the plug-in from here .

All other non-multimedia Inductus resources do not need this set up and can run on IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

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