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Sentinel Integrated Solutions

Sentinel is our secure integrated portal.

sentinel screenshotSecure. Scalable. Simple. Save.

Sentinel is your company's personal secure portal which gives access to the resources that you have chosen to use. It is designed to be easy to use and flexible for both your present and future needs.


Add the solutions you need to the Sentinel system. Additional features can be added as required. User data only needs to be entered once.

Sentinel stores and updates your organisations structure allowing the company to grow with new divisions, regions, groups, locations and departments.

We can even work with you to develop custom software to integrate with existing data.



Sentinel is the gateway to all our solutions. It provides a secure access to all our solutions from any web browser. It can be tailored to your organisation's security protocols and standards.
It produces a home page for each user which displays content based on the users permissions within the system.





Simple to use

Sentinel is both simple and intuitive to use. Our easy to use interface requires minimal guidance and instruction relying for additional instruction with on-screen prompts and no manuals.

We provide full support to both global and resource administrators on all aspect of company and user configuration.


Sentinel saves both time and money by allowing for a host of Inductus resources to be set up for each new user from one simple data entry. Bulk imports are used to enter all current employees into the system. A single new user can also be entered via a simple wizard.

Our guided elearning ensures that your staff induction training is consistent and cost effective.

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