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safetynetSafetyNet is the latest addition to the Inductus portfolio and is an automated Risk Assessment training and monitoring system . All users are given job roles. These roles are allocated to the users when programmed into the system by one initial single "New Employee input" when a new employee is added to the system. The system decides what Risk Assessments the user needs to complete based on the defined job roles. If an employee changes their role within the organisation the system will automatically re-assign any relevant risk assessments and enter them into the training diary.

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  • Records "proof of understanding" to protect against injury claims.
  • Automated, planned training based on individual job roles.
  • Minimal administration reduces cost.
  • Automatically changes risk assessment training as job roles change.
  • Scheduled training in "bite-sized" modules to avoid information overload and motivate employees.
  • Automated system for reminder "Alert" and email messages, keep training on schedule.
  • Integrates fully with Inductus and our other online resources for maximum efficiency.
How it works
  • When a new employee is added to the system SafetyNet creates a tailored training programme of the risk-assessments that are relevant to their job role. The training tasks are added to their personal Sentinel training diary and spread over a reasonable training period. The resource automatically adjusts the training programme to make sure that not too many events happen at the same time.
  • The employee works through each risk assessment based on the highest risk items being first in the schedule. With each risk assessment, they study a document or presentation and answer a number of multiple choice questions to verify their understanding.
  • If an employee moves to a different role within the company, SafetyNet identifies the new risk assessments and programmes them automatically. The system finally sets a date for risk assessment reviews at a predefined future time interval.

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