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Management Solutions

complianceOur solutions are designed to simplify management processes and reduce paperwork. Records are automatically stored on our secure database. Our core management product, Censeo, improves compliance, reduces finanacial risk and improves reporting methods and feedback.

Censeo is our broad spectrum management resource which is designed to simplify management processes and reduce paperwork. It is the next step to many management processes presently dealt with by cumbersome spreadsheets.

Censeo, first and foremost is a manager's self-assessment tool designed with a traffic light system to enable managers to assess themselves and their departments, regularly, on a wide range of management issues. It is fully customisable and is designed to increase corporate compliance and reduce financial risk. Working in conjunction with your internal auditors, it will highlight areas of concern over a given period. Paperless, senior management can view their part of the organisation and view both the status of compliance, and financial risk-at-a-glance in both realtime and in regular snapshot archives.

Implementation of the Censeo program can save your orgnisation thousands of pounds, in avoided fines and achieved bonuses. Those working in internal auditing will see the benefit Censeo can bring to their organisation.

Monthly and quarterly reports can also be self-defined and set to run at specific times, with email alerts to ensure that feedback is given by certain times. These reports are ideal for use at review meetings, whether relating to sales, or services, within your company.

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