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incidenteAn online accident and incident reporting system.

Incidente is an online accident and near miss reporting system designed for organisations of all sizes. It comes with two configuration options for tailoring to your organisation. Incidente is very user-friendly and does not require any training for users reporting an incident.

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  • Real-time accident and near miss reporting for total control.
  • Location or Head Office driven configuration for total flexibility.
  • Links directly to the RIDDOR reporting website.
  • Automatically emails alerts to involved parties.
  • Automatically assesses the seriousness of the accident/incident
  • Analyses the cost and implications of incidents prior to archiving.
  • Cost effective and environmentally friendly with minimal paperwork.
  • Unlimited use irrespective of number of accidents/incidents.
How Incidente works
  • When an incident/accident or near-miss occurs any Sentinel user can initiate a report. This should be done at the earliest opportunity and will automatically alert all parties required to deal with the process. The process will automatically decide the severity of the incident based on the information input during the reporting process.
  • A direct link is provided in the process to the RIDDOR reporting website when the system decides it is required. There is a minimum requirement for paper based documentation while still encouraging the printing of hard copies where required.
  • At the end of the process Incidente will calculate the costs that have occurred and provides a means of implementing further steps to avoid a re-occurrence of the incident.


Configuration Option A - Location Driven

An industry standard configuration for large organisations. When a user reports an incident, an automated process is controlled by managers at the location and Head Office monitors the process, ensuring that every stage is correctly completed. This is a recommended option for large organisations since minimal administration is needed at head office level.

Configuration Option B - Head Office Driven

For smaller organisations this option gives a higher degree of control by Head Office. When a user reports an incident, the Head Office Incidente administrator controls the semi-automated process step by step, and must trigger each stage of the process.



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