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censeoCenseo is a totally flexible on-line resource initially developed in conjunction with a major UK automotive company. It can be fully customised to your organisation enabling you to create both a management self-assessment programme using your own compliance criteria and monthly, quarterly and periodical management reports.

Censeo is so flexible it can grow with your organisation and can cope with any corporate
structure allowing for divisions, regions, commercial units, locations and departments.

Censeo has a flexible cost based on the number of departments registered.

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  • Ultimate on-line management programme monitors your whole organisation across divisions, regions and multiple locations to achieve full compliance and corporate standards
  • Ideal resource for acquisitions and mergers to ensure new business's are fully integrated into your organisations corporate strategy and culture
  • Protects your organisation from corporate risks
  • Motivates managers to "buy-in" to a system that benefits the whole company
  • Influences cost control reductions throughout the organisation
  • Embeds enterprise-wide risk management
  • Focuses your total organisation on key areas of compliance or risk
How it works
  • A Censeo "self-assessment" due date occurs at predefined periods, usually 1 or 3 months. Department managers complete or update the self-assessment in response to an e-mail notification of the completion date.
  • Using a traffic light system each question is answered to indicate full, partial or non-compliance on specific areas. If a red "non-compliant" or amber "shortly to comply" answer is given, the manager/assessor must enter additional data to indicate the reason and a date of estimated full compliance. Fully compliant is indicted by the green traffic light.
  • When all the required questions are answered the assessment is signed-off on-line. Each "assessment" can be completed in multi-sessions to allow the local manager time flexibility.
  • Censeo's self-assessment section has a "Reports" section that shows all data in real-time or archive form with graphs, trend analysis, and comparisons with previous assessments.


Features - Auditing
  • Censeo has a feature rich "Auditors" section including system messages and dispute resolution. It can be used by internal auditors to compare the self-assessment compliance data with their own site audits. Over a period of time this will show what areas of the business to they need focus their attention on.Office, Showroom & Public Areas
Features - Monthly & Quarterly Reports
  • Censeo can be programmed to produce management reports consisting of customised data for Region, Location and Department managers together with a sign off and agree input.
  • Censeo operates from behind your Sentinel secure portal.

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