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Case Studies

Project One - Permit system for Eastern Holdings

"The introduction of the new system has given us a standard procedure for all the sites. There is now a set process in place which covers all aspects of the control of contractors. It is very easy for the staff on site to use and has been welcomed by the Managers , who not only see the Health and Safety benefits, but also the enhanced quality and financial control."

-Brian Scott
Group Facilities and Procurement Manager, Eastern Western Motor Group, Edinburgh

Eastern Western Motor Group, already a user of Inductus, approached us to build a Contractors Pass/Permit to Work issuing system for on-line
use at their sites. Prior to this, a variety of different systems were
in use, and they wanted to introduce a uniform process that could be
easily used whilst ensuring a company wide procedure was followed.

In liaison with Eastern Western Group's Health & Safety consultants
GTG Training of Glasgow, a specification was put together that would
meet their requirements. A system was designed that would ensure a
minimum level of standards was guaranteed by all contractors while
allowing the flexibility for sites to use local contractors for minor
work where the standard was maintained.

If a local contractor was used 3 or more times the contractors
details would be automatically passed to the Head Office Permitus
administrator for consideration for group-wide approval and status.

After the design, building and testing of the system it has now been
introduced across the organisation. The head office are able to
monitor the issuing of passes and Permits to Work in real time across
their organisation.

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Project Two - Incident reporting system for Snows Automotive Group

"The Snows Group have been using Bob Russell and Inductus for 3 years now. During that time Bob has always provided an extremely high level of service and his personal involvement counts for a lot. More recently we have integrated Incidente to replace our old manual system of recording accidents, and once again Bob was excellent."

-Yvette Hicks, Group Chairman's PA, Snow Group, Southampton

Snows Automotive Group needed to upgrade from an earlier and no
longer supported on-line accident reporting system. On looking at
Incidente's initial configuration it was felt that their organisation
required a higher level of Head Office control. The first version of
Incidente (Now configuration A) was designed for large groups that
wanted to follow a "location driven" method with the Head Office
taking the role of monitoring the progress of accident/incident
reports. The Snows Automotive Group wished to have an option that gave
them more direct control over the progression from one stage of the
process to the next.

Configuration B is now an option for Incidente and our customers can
have whichever configuration suits their organisation the most.

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