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appraiseAppraise is a purpose designed, on-line, employee Self-Appraisal system.

When a new employee is entered into the system for their first day the Sentinel diary programme will organise and manage both their initial Inductus health & Safety induction and their appraisals.

Different question sets are established for each department or grade and the employee (appraisee) simply assesses themselves followed by the appraisor prior to their appraisal interview.

Once the interview is completed and the grading process finalised between the appraisor and appraisee, Appraise will re-programme the next appraisal time and add the data to the management reports.

Appraise can also be customised to your corporate colour scheme and appear in your
organisation's intranet with a link via your Sentinel secure portal as a company resource.

Appraise also incorporates a 6 monthly review and where a simple “appraisor input only” option where a full 180 degree appraisal is not thought appropriate.

Please click to download our printable pdf brochure.

  • Fully automated, requires minimal head office administration for real cost savings
  • Completely customisable - comes with suggested generic question template, which can be amended to your requirements
  • web based accessible from any PC in the world - no special plugins required
  • simple and easy for appraisees to use - no training or manuals required
  • records are all stored within your secure online database
  • automated system for reminder "Alert" and email messages, keeps appraisals on schedule.
  • available on an activation cost basis (as Inductus) or an unlimited use license, for maximum cost savings and flexibility.
  • integrates fully with Inductus and our other online resources for maximum efficiency


Appraise testimonials

"It is easy, concise and gives the employee a real opportunity to engage with their Manager on a one to one basis conveying how they feel about their job, the business and in turn their development. I genuinely believe we have a real opportunity to improve performance/morale and improve profitability."

Kim Gilfillan
HR Manager
Eastern Western Motor Group


Key Features
  • Controlled by the Sentinel multi-resource diary
  • Question Template fully editable
  • Analyses results into “Skills/Achievement” categories
  • Sets employee goals, training and objectives for next period
  • Administrator configuration and customisation settings section.
  • Administrators “Reports” section with Spiders Web graphics available to all levels of managers



Key Features
  • Fully accessible from any  internet connected PC in the world.  No plug-in required.
  • Accessed via “Sentinel Secure Gateway” for total security
  • System and reminder “Alert” messages shown in Sentinel dashboard
  • Status review for department and higher managers within the Maximus management reporting section of Sentinel.


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